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Banners are great for making your message stand out.


Whether you own a business, run a club or need something for any organization, we can help.


If you already have a design, fine. If not, we are happy to create it for you.

What are Banners?

Banners have been in use for thousands of years to call attention to locations and groups. From armies to monasteries, from castles to merchants, banners have served to showcase everything from organizations to products.

A Brief History of Banners

Early Romans used banners at the head of their army to alert their enemies they were coming. Often, this would have the effect of preventing warfare because many would then simply surrender.

Banners predate flags. In fact, the earlist flags were little more than banners. They would be hoisted at the tops of castles and advance with the armies. These early banners were often called a “banner of arms” and it would display the crest or coat of arms of the Lord or Barron for whom the army fought. 

However, the concept of the banner predates even the Romans. In the Bible, the book of Iasiah, in Chapter 13 verse 2 we read that God had commanded the prophet to “raise a banner.” The idea was clearly to get attention, which is the purpose of any banner.

In the middle ages, trade merchants and unions used banners to showcase everthing from products on sale in stalls to organizational meetings. Although the use of images and iconography was a standard part of banners by then, the trade unions took this to a whole new level. Their banners were often very detailed and ornate, featuring mines and factories. At times, these banners even displayed visions of future prosperity. 

Banners Today

Today, it seems there are as many uses for banners as there are people. Sports clubs use banners to announce games and special events, every advertiser has banners included in their took-kit, political organizers use them, and everyday people order banners for business and personal use.

In fact, one of the most common uses for banners today is at local and state fairs or similar events. Banners cost far less than signs and are much easier to transport. Simply roll the banner up and take it to the next location or store it. Plus, banners take up less space. 

Clark’s Custom Creations Banners

At Clark’s Custom Creations, our banners are created using the best materials possible. Each is printed on high-quality fiber-enhanced soft vinyl for both duribility and strength. Our advanced vinyl printing process ensures the life of your banner as well, so you will not need to get a new one each year (unless you want to).

If your club or organization is in need of design work, we will gladly do that as well. 

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